Back to Bootleg Springs!

Back to Bootleg Springs!

We’re back in Bootleg Springs, y’all! Lucy Score and I have been having so much fun with the shenanigans in this town. And the latest books in the series take things to whole new level.

Moonshine Kiss is Bowie Bodine and Cassidy Tucker’s long awaited story. These two have been circling around each other for years. Bowie knows his little sister’s best friend is strictly off limits. But one nocturnal animal, a feverish against-the-wall kiss and absolutely zero pajamas have a way of changing everything.

Next up is Bourbon Bliss, and we finally get a peek into the mind of June Tucker. June is the odd duck in Bootleg Springs. She’s highly intelligent, but human relationships confound her. But when her favorite football star, George “GT” Thompson, comes to Bootleg Springs, her carefully ordered world is turned upside down. June and George’s story proves the weird girl can find love too.

Lucy and I are aiming to release the final two books in the Bootleg Springs series this summer! Who else will find love? And will the mystery of Callie Kendall ever be solved? You’ll find out soon!

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  • Danielle Watson

    The wait is killing me!!!

  • Linda

    Can’t wait for the next books

  • Missy Vraney

    I love the Bootleg Springs book series. Can you email me when they are available?

  • Kayla

    Does this mean we will finally get a book about Gibson?!?

  • Jeanine

    I just preordered book six but cannot find book five. I love this series so please help!



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