If you want to skip my rambling and just get Asher in your life right now, click here:

After a week that basically took a year, you can FINALLY get your grabby hands on Fighting for Us, and read the conclusion to Asher and Grace’s epic love story.

I hope it’s everything you were hoping it would be (and more). I’m SO IN LOVE with these characters (I know, I keep saying that, but it’s true). They have my heart forever.

And the best part? This series is only beginning…

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  • Swati

    It was so so good… I loved Asher and Grace’s story. But I just can’t wait for Evan’s story. Please don’t take away his angsty personality. I just can’t wait to read his story.

    • Claire Kingsley

      I’ve got you. And he’s next <3

  • Betty J Dalton

    When will Evans story be released

    • Claire Kingsley

      I’m writing it now! His story will be my next book!

  • Vish

    Where to find Her best friend book?

    • Claire Kingsley

      Cara does not have a book… yet!

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