Bonus Material



Read about Cooper and Amelia’s first Christmas
in this bonus short story.

Don’t miss this bonus epilogue from The Mogul and the Muscle!

Find your perfect Bluewater Billionaires book boyfriend,
go on a covert mission with Jude, and other fun (and free!) activities!

Catch up with all your favorite Bootleg Springs characters in this very special, ten-years-later Christmas morning bonus epilogue! Also includes fun behind-the-scenes extras and stories about the making of Bootleg Springs.

Find your perfect Bootleg Springs book boyfriend, test your
Bootleg Springs knowledge, and other fun (and free!) activities!

The free prequel to Faking Ms. Right includes fun,
bite-sized tales of Everly’s disastrous dates.

Need more Shepherd and Everly?
Download the (HOT) bonus epilogue!

Take a peek into Roland and Zoe’s happily ever after in this bonus epilogue.

Want more? Download this special Miles Family bonus epilogue.

Don’t miss this special extended peek at Leo and Hannah’s happily ever after.

The sweet story of Charlotte Lawson and her best friend Noah. This bonus story is meant to be read after Hot Single Dad.

An extended look into William and Ivy’s happily ever after.

From Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score, Heart of Christmas includes a bonus story featuring Sebastian and Brooke from His Heart.