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What's New?

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A Hot New Romantic Comedy, and an All New Family Series

I’m so excited to announce my upcoming release, Love According to Science!

We met Hazel Kiegen in Faking Ms. Right. What happens when she

comes face to face with her nemesis?

Here’s what you need to know about Love According to Science:

💚 Coming January 23rd
💚 Stand-alone enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy
💚 Sexy nerd hero in hate-lust with his sworn enemy
💚 An awkward heroine with book smarts and a fluffy cat named Erwin
💚 Witty banter and off-the-charts tension
💚 Super-hot hate sex
💚 Badass lady friendships
💚 And an HEA that will leave you melting with teary-eyed happiness and your heart exploding with glitter

This super fun, steamy, heart-squishy book will be hitting your Kindles

January 23rd – available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

Add Love According to Science to your TBR here → http://bit.ly/2HEwhcS

After that, my new family series, The Bailey Brothers! Remember Grace Miles? We’ll finally get her story, along with a whole new family to love, a quirky town (which may or may not be embroiled in a generation-spanning feud), and five… count ’em, five… hot (and wild, reckless, grumpy, hilarious, persistent, and rather untamed) brothers.

Add to your TBR here → http://bit.ly/2YOL2zF

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